Stress Relief for Dogs

Stress Relief for dogs is a supplement to help deal with acute or chronic stress.

Good to Know

Common causes of stress in dogs: poor ventilation, overpopulation of animals in one area of an environment , transportation, changed housing or facility, unfamiliar living space, working equipment or loud sounds, unfamiliar facilities and equipment, pests – flies, mosquitoes, lice and ticks that irritate physically and psychologically, human exposure – extent of familiarity or socialization with people.

What happens when your dog is stressed: heart rate increases, blood pressure climbs, breathing becomes more rapid, digestion slows down and appetite decreases, immune system becomes less effective.

Notice the Signs

  • Excessive whining or other vocalization
  • Slow or tense movement
  • Refusal of food (especially when normally food-motivated)
  • Restlessness or pacing
  • Inattentiveness to owner
  • Sweating from paws
  • Dilated pupils
  • Tension around eyes and mouth
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Separation anxiety – destroyed furniture, defecated on the floor and barked all day long. Your dog may also whine and show signs of depression in your absence. Often dogs with separation anxiety will also become over-excited upon the return of their owners

How to Help

Natural Supplements. Try our Stress Relief supplement to help your dog to deal with stressful situations and anxieties related to travel, new family members or change of any kind.

Aromatherapy. That’s right! Aromatherapy is not just for humans. Lavender essential oil can be relaxing — can be used in a burner as long as the room is well ventilated. So go ahead, plan a relaxing aromatherapy evening for you AND your dog.

Massage. Just like humans, dogs are fond of tactile therapy. Whether it’s just ribbing behind her ear, her belly or simply cuddling in bed while petting — any form of massage would relax your dog, allowing them to forget about the stressors and just chill.

Behavioural therapy. Classical conditioning techniques can help your dog to break a negative association with a situation or object by counter conditioning, desensitization and graded exposure. Dogs are presented to the feared stimulus / situation at the same time as being presented with a pleasant stimulus or being relaxed by massage. Operant conditioning techniques of reinforcement and shaping can help dog to relearn responses.