Stress Relief for Cats

Stress Relief for cats is an all-natural supplement to help with the effects of acute or chronic stress.

Good to Know

Acute stress may be caused by an unexpected incident or threat and is relatively easy to recognize in cats. Chronic stress, however, is more difficult to recognize as it can develop over a long period of time and the signs may be more subtle; it is more likely to affect patterns of behaviour and routines.

Notice the Signs

  • Eyes – wide-open
  • Pupils – fully dilated
  • Aggression or irritable behavior if approached
  • Whiskers – back
  • Lack of play activity
  • Defensive aggression towards people
  • Hiding
  • Mischievous behavior such as urination in inappropriate places
  • New bad habits like furniture scratching or ruining your favourite book

How to Help

Natural Supplements. Try our Stress Relief supplement to help your cat deal with stressful situations and anxieties related to travel, new family members or change of any kind.

Aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil can be relaxing – can be used in a burner as long as the room is well ventilated.

Massage. T-touch — a form of tactile therapy often using circular movements of the fingers on the skin. Can induce a trance-like state in some cats, or can send them to sleep.

Behavioural therapy. Classical conditioning techniques can help the cat to break a negative association with a situation or object by counter conditioning, desensitization and graded exposure. Cats are presented to the feared stimulus/situation at the same time as being presented with a pleasant stimulus or being relaxed by massage. Operant conditioning techniques of reinforcement and shaping can help cats to relearn responses to stressors. These techniques can be combined easily with other therapies for greater efficacy.