Hip and Joints for Cats

Hip and Joints is a natural supplement that helps to aid in the treatment of rheumatism and inflammation of the joints.

Good to Know

  • In the past, arthritis in cats was not commonly diagnosed or treated. This may be due in part to the cats’ survival instinct to hide signs of pain, and the lack of recognition of the condition by owners and veterinary surgeons.
  • 90 % of cats over 12 y/o showed evidence of degenerative joint disease.

Notice the Signs

  • Reduced mobility: decreased activity, jumping less, and spending more time sleeping
  • Temperament changes: more irritable, grumpy and avoiding interaction with people and/or other animals
  • Lapsed litterbox habits (due to pain caused by getting in and out of the box)

How to Help

Arthritis Cat Diagram
Common Areas of Bone and Joint Pain

Natural supplements: try our Hip and Joints supplement to alleviate pain and reduce fever and inflammation that is associated with arthritis or other hip and joints related issues.

Weight control is critical. Any excess weight will only aggravate the condition. If surgery is not an option in addition to losing any excess weight, medications and supplements are used to control the cat’s discomfort.

Make sure your cat has a comfortable bed, soft and warm.