What’s on your pet’s bucket list for 2017?

pet bucket list 2017

Cats and dogs totally rule our world. Most of our decisions revolve around them. Where are you going for vacation, which friends are allowed in the house, when are you going to wake up (this one’s completely at their mercy), everything is determined by our pets.

When they already have so many things going for them, you’d think that their dreams have already been fulfilled. But what if, their aspirations don’t stop at this? What if, they aspire many more things, things you could possibly never imagine?

Trying not to let our imagination run wild, we have dug up all the crazy things around us, things our pets really like and have put together what we think could be your pet’s bucket list for 2017.

Phone, camera and food dispenser

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This device actually exists. It can keep your pet connected with you at all times. It has a camera, a treat dispenser and a phone, all rolled into one. You can call your pet, see how it’s doing from the camera, speak to it and dispense a treat. The pet can also call you if it’s lonely and is missing you too much. We are sure when so many dogs and cats secretly suffer from separation anxiety, this device must be on the top of their list. If you can’t quite reach the device, our herbal supplements are always there to help you de-stress your pets when home alone.

A sponge floor for their human’s home

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Cats want to knock everything down. And no, they don’t even feel guilty about it. But just coz we’d like to imagine our cats don’t want to trouble us, we’d like to believe that they want our homes to have a padded flooring everywhere. So that when the cat goes on a ‘get out of my way’ spree, she can carelessly knock everything and test gravity to her content. No damage done.

Trip to Europe


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Everyone loves a European holiday. So possibly for our good, or to make our dreams come true, maybe our pets secretly also wish for a trip to Europe. On second thoughts, maybe we are imagining things and literally trying to put ideas into their heads. Well, anyway. What do you think will be the first question our pets will ask, as soon as we reach Paris? ‘Qu sont les toilettes?’ 🙂

Exclusive time with you

petrapeutics herbal supplements for dogs cats

Our pets always want this. Especially dogs. Even cats, though. They do like being independent, but they want your presence around them in their own peculiar ways. But irrespectively, our cats and dogs want more time with us. We mean the world to them and they want to snuggle with us till late, have VIP access to our bathrooms, teleport themselves to our offices, they want to be with us always. This must be on their list. What do you think?

Pampered trip to the doggie spa

petrapeutics herbal supplements for dogs cats

Cats like grooming. Oh, they love grooming themselves and getting scratched by us or everything that qualifies to scratch them. But they don’t want to be taken out of the house to a strange place full of other cats and dogs. However, our dogs love these pampered trips. They would love to bathe in the sun, dip in the pool, possible dive in using a water slide and get treats fed straight into their mouths with no jumping and pleading needed. A doggie spa is like their ultimate dream come true.

Ball dispensing machine

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The ball dispensing machine looks like a miracle to a dog. It replaces their human in the backyard and they seem to love fetching balls for it. This machine is actually selling really well. But we’re not sure how long will they find amusement in such a toy. They do get bored easily and they do derive some special fun from getting us to make all those efforts. But nevertheless, we’re sure the ball dispensing machine makes it to their must-own things of 2017.

‘Do not disturb’ mode for cats

petrapeutics herbal supplements for dogs cats

Cats like to be left alone and they can only take a certain amount of ‘awwws’ and ‘pats’. When they want to switch off, they don’t know how to say it except show us the claw or snarl at us. We’re sure they don’t like it and want a better way of communicating this to us. Maybe like a button which they can press that triggers a flash sign, ‘ Do Not Disturb’. We’ve got a feeling our cats are looking for such a device and have put in their applications to Tesla, Google and Apple.

Lifetime supply of their favourite treats

petrapeutics herbal supplements for dogs cats

Lastly, we think they’d love a supply of their favourite treats in all flavors and sizes, but they wouldn’t want to flex a muscle or show any tricks to earn them. They must be wishing for an endless supply of these treats.

There can be so many other things that are possibly on their tiny minds. Add more to this list by commenting here or on our Facebook page.

However, there are some things which you have to add to their list on your own. They include good health and comfort. Help your old cats and dogs move freely so that they can work towards this list comfortably. Our herbal supplements will help you with this. If you have stressed-out pets, then try to de-stress your pet by using some easy tricks and herbal remedies like ours. Follow the holistic routine we have provided here to make sure your pets are always able to pursue their bucket lists with a hop in their feet, a song in their mind, and with you by their side. Don’t forget, love is a choice.