Saydee’s Story – The Shy Cat Who Secretly Takes Stress About Her Family

Stress Relief Saydee

This is the story of Saydee. A little cat who keeps to herself and hates getting touched. But secretly adores her family. Like most timid cats, Saydee too has her favorite spots around the house and is often shy of human attention. When her human brother adopted her, it was a tussle getting her home. She bit and scratched and hissed her way out of his embrace each time. But the family just knew that even though Saydee was shy and aggressive at first, she would eventually find her place in their house and make it home. But what they didn’t know then, was that she would get so attached to everyone that she would take stress about getting separated.

Saydee was born a stray and an old lady took her in. But the lady had a few cats already and soon realized, taking Saydee in, wasn’t a great decision. When she was looking for a new home for Saydee, Jacqueline decided to bring her home. Jacqueline already had a female labrador named Gauge and a busy home. She was apprehensive of how things would go but Saydee fitted in perfectly.

Cat Saydee Testimonial

Gauge and Saydee immediately bonded. They would sit on the sofa together when Jacqueline would crochet. Saydee would spend most of her time with Gauge. Though she would sleep close to her humans but she still wouldn’t like to be touched. She’d love to watch her human mom cook and over time she got close to her human dad and brother too. But cats are not so great with displaying their affection and they are often too shy to come out like dogs, to show their love.

Cat Saydee Testimonial

Jacqueline found out about Saydee’s affection when Gauge fell sick. Saydee wouldn’t leave her side. Gauge passed away with Saydee still by her side.  When the family came home from the cremation, without Gauge, Saydee looked for her everywhere. Every time she heard a noise in the porch she looked for her. That’s when they knew, Saydee was just as upset about losing Gauge as they were. Saydee would pee in unexpected places. These were signs of stress. Each time there would be more such changes, like new puppies coming into the family or new cabinets getting installed, it would disrupt Saydee’s “home” and she would have toilet mishaps around the house.

Cat Saydee Testimonial

Having lived together for 5 years, the family knows Saydee loves them very much and is at home with them. She might not show her affection as clearly as Gauge or as the new pups, but she takes just as much stress about her family. Which is why she needed some extra help and attention. And the family gives her exactly that, and along with that, there is also some natural stress relief supplement.

To help Saydee cope with stress and anxiety, Jacqueline now has a bottle of herbs from petrapeutics®. Our all natural stress relief supplement is meant to bring calm to cats in such unavoidable situations.

Cat Saydee Testimonial

Cats are true masters of disguise. It is difficult to identify when they are under stress or suffering from any aging troubles. Which is why cat parents have to watch out for signs. Learn how to help a cat suffering from separation anxiety or any other stressful situation. Your cat depends on you to figure her emotions out.