Routine Checklist For A Healthier Happier Pet

Holistic routine for your pets

Routine is a good thing for everyone. By nature our pets are accustomed to having a routine about everything. It makes it easier for them to figure out the world around them and naturally train their body to adapt. When things go a little off-routine for us, we can easily put things back on track. However, our canine and feline companions depend on us. Following a healthy routine can make our pets live longer and happier lives. There have been experiments conducted to prove that changes in routines can make pets sick.

But there is so much to do with all the advice floating around the net. What should you really include in your pet’s routine? And especially, when you have dozens of other things waiting to explode if not given your attention (read: work deadlines, laundry, shopping, blogging, socializing…it goes on). So petrapeutics® has done some fetching for you and prepared a list of must-do activities for your pet. We are talking holistic, but we are talking do-able. Here goes:

Must-do activities for your dog:

  1. At least 45 minutes long daily walk for larger breeds and 20 minutes for smaller breeds is a must
  2. 30 minutes playtime twice a day is the minimum needed for a happy dog (If you’ve been spending very little time with them lately, here are ideas that can help you undo the damage)
  3. Brush your dog’s hair every day if you have a long-haired dog and every alternate day if you have a short-haired dog
  4. Your dog should be taken to the vet at least once in three months even if everything seems perfect
  5. Indoor dogs should be fed twice a day, outdoor dogs should be fed three times a day
  6. Their water bowl should be cleaned and refilled once a day or as soon as it’s empty, whichever happens first
  7. Indoor dogs should be given bath once in two months and outdoor dogs might need a bath once in a month depending on how greasy their hair gets
  8. Your dog should be toilet-trained to poop once a day or twice a day, not more than that. You should keep the food intake regulated to maintain this.
  9. To keep your dog sociable and friendly, make sure you make him meet other dogs and dog parents once a week
  10. Dogs need a well-balanced diet which has animal-based proteins, plant-based proteins, and healthy carbohydrates
  11. Dogs can get stressed very easily – include herbal supplements if needed to keep them de-stressed
  12. Your dog needs his naps – Don’t overwork him. Dogs are supposed to sleep up to a minimum of 14 hours a day – Read: Situations that can cause stress in dogs and cats

Must-do activities for your cat:

  1. 10-15 minutes playtime after meals is a must
  2. Feed your cat twice a day instead of leaving food out for long intervals
  3. If your cat is long-haired, comb her once a day. Short-haired cats need to be brushed once a week
  4. Short-haired cats do not need to be bathed unless they are very dirty. An occasional bath is good for the long-haired breeds
  5. Give them the chance to get some time in the sun. Place a comfortable chair in the spot where the sunlight comes in.
  6. Include more animal-based protein in their diet and fewer carbs
  7. Try to keep at least one meal of the day as a non-dry meal to help with water intake
  8. Include herbal supplements for your old cat to move better when suffering from hip and joint pain
  9. Take your cat to the vet at least once in six months for a routine check-up even if everything is normal

There you have it. A complete checklist of activities that can make your pet happy and healthy.

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