Overcoming hip and joints pain in dogs – Paisley, the Pitbull

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This is the story of Paisley the Pitbull, an aging dog learning to overcome hip and joints pain with some help and love from her human mom.

Paisley is just the pittie pet parents know and love. She knows how to use her puppy face to get ketchup and fries. She snuggles in bed with her human brother because he won’t go to sleep otherwise. She loves to play dress up to keep her mom entertained. She loves her family unconditionally, like every other dog we know. But there’s something special about this old girl.

Paisley The PitBull

Her mom adopted Paisley from a shelter in Wiarton. The shelter told her, Paisley and her sister were found chained in an abandoned garage. Paisley was already 1.5 years old and was even suffering from a broken leg which had to be operated upon. Her mom had gone specifically looking for a pitbull and Paisley’s puppy face won her over.

In the last 10 years or more, Paisley has shared a lot of big moments with her human mom. Getting married, moving houses, having babies. Paisley welcomed every change with a wagging tail. Her past seemed to have never even existed. Paisley would spend her time playing with her human brother and snuggling up with everyone in the family. She is literally a snuggle bug, says her mom.

Pet parents often say that the first two years of a dog’s life are when all the connections are made. Which is why most people want to adopt dogs and cats as babies and not as young adults. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? But Paisley challenged all those facts. She didn’t seem to hold on to whatever had led to a broken leg and whatever had made her end up at a shelter at almost 2 years old. She was meant to meet her new mom and bring her all the joy dogs can.

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Almost 75% of large breed dogs start facing joint problems at 9 years of age. Old injuries or broken bones start popping up again. At 12 year old, Paisley is now an old girl and her joint problems have gotten worse. Paisley’s mom noticed that her adorable girl was getting old and slowing down. She knew her old dog needed some external help. But she wasn’t agreeing to add chemicals to Paisley’s diet. She was looking for a natural solution. When she came across petrapeutics® she decided to give it a try.

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The first bottle of hip and joints supplement worked wonders, Paisley could move better and do all the crazy things she used to, to entertain the kids and any guests, garner all the attention again. Her mom used to mix her dosage in the regular food and Paisley would gobble it up without any hesitance. Seeing such improvement, a second bottle came too. And now, Paisley is on a regular dosage of petrapeutics® herbal hip and joints supplement. It keeps her comfortable and relieves any pain from sore joints.

As dogs and cats start to get old, parents go through a very unsettling period. All they can do is make the journey as comfortable and enjoyable as can be. Which is why we urge pet parents to attend to their dog’s aching joints. Even smaller breeds are affected by symptoms of arthritis. Paisley would love to tell all her friends, big and tiny, to not ignore old-age problems and do something about it.

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