Our Healthy Pet Community

Did you know? There are over 14 million cats and dogs in Canada! That’s more than a quarter of our population! Whoa! Imagine if they could be the rightful citizens of our great nation, and be able to… vote! Ok, no, we don’t want to get too political here, but just think about it, there are so many pets in Canada that they definitely should have their voice heard! Like, legally, you know. Don’t you think?

What do you think they would vote for? Pet health-care? More naps?

We definitely think dogs would vote for more parks, more doggy beaches, and more play time.

How about cats?

Oh, these guys would be all about good food, and quality rest time. How much sleep do you get? Do you think you get enough? We think cats could really teach us all how to chill more, and stress less in our daily lives.

Our pets know how to live their lives to the fullest. Sometimes it seems all they really need is love and our attention. With that kind of attitude, we definitely would want our pets to be able to vote. But until then, how about us – their loving life companions, how about we give them the voice. But most importantly, listen to what they have to tell us, what they have to teach us, and how we all can live happily ever after. All 14 millions cats and dogs, and 35 millions humans.

Ready to join in the movement? We are glad, you do!

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With love,
Team petrapeutics®