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Dog and Cat - love is a choice

Pet Health Breaking News – Love Is Not An Emotion
by Dr. Snuffles

Last night as I was snuggling next to my human parent, she was feeding me some treats while watching Pixar’s movie Inside Out.

“Joy? Sadness? Disgust, Fear and Anger? Come on! Where’s the Love? Excuuuse me, but I think Disney left out someone important!”

Ah, my poor, sweet human. Love is not an emotion! As a canine with a Ph.D (Pretty Happy Dog) in Sensitive Feelings, I know all about Love. I love my human mom and she loves me, but that doesn’t make love a legitimate emotion. No! Love is a choice.

Love doesn’t just “kick in” when something happens. We choose to love. Sure, there are things that my mom does that I’m not a huge fan of. This one time, she tried to put me in a tub of water and “wash” me. How rude! I am a strong, independent dog and I don’t need a bath. But even so, I love her. Just the way she is.

I love my human more than the squirrel next door. She’s always there for me, and I’m always there for her. She chose to love me. With every treat, every walk, every that she gives me, I know that she does it out of love. Not just an emotion. A choice.

Whether you be a fellow dog, cat or even human, I hope you choose to love. As a health professional, I urge you to stay healthy so you can play more, live with joy, and make more [happy moments] together!

You can trust me. After all, I am a dogtor.

With Paw On Heart,
Dr. Snuffles and Team petrapeutics®

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