Making Your Newly-Adopted Pet Feel At Home

Know the signs

Both cats and dogs show different signs when they are stressed, but there are some easy giveaways. If they’re developing bad habits or showing signs of aggression or unusual shyness, that’s a big sign. Dogs can forget their housebreaking habits, and cats can shy away and hide for long periods of time.

How to help

Here’s the thing – it’s natural for a pet to be stressed when faced with a new environment. But prolonged, chronic stress can be extremely unhealthy so it’s important to know how to ease your pet into their new home.

Here are 5 tips to do just that:

  1. Give them their own space. Cats are territorial, and dogs can be confused about their new home. Give them their own special space. This can be a bathroom or laundry room for cats, or a crate for your dog. Make sure that the area is comfortable and welcoming – with easy access to food and water.
  2. Give them alone time. Although your first instinct may be to spend as much time as possible to bond with your pet, it’s important for them to explore their new environment so they get used to their home, one element at a time.
  3. Lay some ground rules. Do you have children or roommates? Make sure they’re on the same page. Remind your human family members not to startle the cat, or let the dog on the couch – you want to be building good habits from the get-go.
  4. Create good habits and routines. For a dog, stick to a regular walking schedule so they become accustomed to how things work. For a cat, buy them a scratching post so they know what’s acceptable to sharpen their claws on.
  5. Include put supplements in their diet to naturally ease them into their new environment. Stick to natural ingredients which have a calming effect to soothe your pet the way nature intended. Try our Stress Relief supplements for cats and dogs to make the transition less stressful.

Little by little, your pet will become comfortable with their new space, their environment, and you, their new family. Give them time – love is a work in progress. Show that you care in the little things.