Keep Your Dog Away From Foxtail Grass

Poisonous plants in Canada

A dog owner had an expensive scare over the past few days after a walk in Dawson Creek.

Janelle Rutledge’s dog, Boomer, ate foxtail, leaving her with an expensive vet bill.
Boomer’s foxtail “snack” while on his walk cost Rutledge $500 in vet bills, and she wants other dog walkers in B.C.’s great outdoors to use caution around the plants. Foxtail, a wispy, brushlike meadow grass is common in several regions of B.C.

Foxtail, when eaten, can migrate into a dog’s brain, perforate a lung, or in Boomer’s case, possibly embed into his throat.

Boomer is recovering well from the foxtail accident.
Boomer is recovering well from the foxtail accident.

There are several species of foxtail grass in the province. The province considers them weeds, and within the Peace Region, green foxtail is a particular concern.

Watch for foxtails, especially if you go out to the fields. Boomer is back to riding shotgun in Rutledge’s truck now, but she knows the situation could have ended with heartbreak.

We often mention people food that can be hazardous for dogs and cats. But some poisonous plants and chemicals found in the open are often ignored. petrapeutics® urges all pet parents to be extra careful of what your dog is munching on when outside on a walk.

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