How To Survive The Rains With Your Dog?


Dogs need to get out. And they hate rain. So how can you help your dog maintain his routine as it starts to get rainy? We’ve got some tips and ideas that might help:

Clip their nails and trim the hair on their paws

Dogs, especially breeds with long hair, get their paws infected easily. And these infections can be very painful. Prepare in advance by keeping their paws clean, trimming hair to make it easy for you to spot any infection and keep the nails clipped short. Take special care to not cut too much hair exposing the sensitive skin and to not cut the nails too short as that can make them slip on wet grounds.

Keep their fur dry and clean

Keep a clean towel handy at all times or use a hair dryer. Dry fur will help keep ticks, fleas, and any fungal infection away. And it will also help your dog warm and comfortable in damp conditions.

Avoid bathing – Use dry shampoo

Dogs can get very dirty in the rain and you might be tempted to give them a bath. But this is a classic case of prevention being better than a cure. Keep your dog clean and dry at all times to avoid a situation that needs bathing. And if it comes to it, try to use a dry shampoo instead. If you really have to give your dog a bath then make sure you use just the right temperature (not too cool, not too warm) and dry their fur completely after the bath.

Try to give your dog company

The first few showers of rain can be a lot of fun. But when it keeps pouring for days continuously, it starts to get depressing. Dogs are such furballs, their spirits get dampened easily. Try to spend more time with them than you do usually. Work from home more often or take them along.

Keep stress and depression at bay

If rain get your dog stressed out and you notice signs of anxiety and clinginess then it’s time for extra help. Herbal supplements like petrapeutics® stress relief for dogs are specially formulated to suit their digestion needs. And with each dosage, you will see your fur-buddy get better.

Increase fibre intake

Reduced activity during the rains can spoil your dog’s bowel movements. Increasing fibre intake by including more fruits and vegetables will help keep your dog’s freshening routine in order.

Keep the bedding warm and dry

Keeping the bedding warm and dry is the biggest prevention you can take. A damp or dirty bed is a home for ticks, infection, and diseases. Make sure you clean the bedding more often and check for any dampness.

Clean their ears regularly

Dogs’ ears can collect a lot of dirt and this is where ticks attach during the rains. Clean their ears with a special disinfectant regularly and make sure the hair tufts around the hair dry and short.

Keep their hiding spot clean

Our little babies can be such scaredy cats (mind the expression, cats can be very brave in reality) Thunder and lightning can scare even larger dogs and send them running looking for a place to hide. You can try stopping them but they will find the dirtiest and darkest corner to hide when the skies get dramatic. So try to keep those corners dry and clean for them to snuggle in.

Don’t encourage walks in heavy rain

If it’s really pouring down, you’ll have to look for substitutes. Bring the physical activity indoors and get them used to a litter box or your backyard if you have one. Or simply try to time your walks around the rain.

This concludes our rainy day story. We look forward to your wonderful rainy day stories on our Facebook and Instagram feeds.