How to Spot Arthritis in Dogs Before It Gets Too Late

Dog limping from arthritis

Dogs are so playful. Their energy can surprise us, every single day. Even when they get older, they might continue to hop on and off our beds or go for long walks, but you’ll notice some changes. These changes are early signs of arthritis. An average dog may start suffering from this disease from when they are nine years old. If you spot the signs early, you will be able to help your aging dog be more comfortable and cope with the nasty joint pain.

Here are four early signs of arthritis in dogs that no pet parent can miss.

Four signs of arthritis in dogs

There are other signs too. Like weight gain, lethargy, depression, irritability, aggression when joints are touched, appetite loss and even a prominent hunch in the back. But these signs are of a much later stage. You can help avoid these by acting early.

Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Arthritis can not be cured. But there are ways to reduce the pain that this disease causes. Healing massages, a healthy diet and regular activity can help in prolonging the symptoms of arthritis. The best solution really, is offering natural supplements like ours.

petrapeutics® herbal supplements for joint pain relief are scientifically formulated to suit dogs. They include no preservatives or harmful ingredients like soy, gluten, wheat or corn. All you have to do is add them to your dog’s regular food or water intake and help them cope better.

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