How To Make Your Pets Comfortable When They Are Home Alone?

How to make your pets comfortable when they are home alone?

We love our pets so much, we take them everywhere. To the cafe next door, to the beach and sometimes we even bring them to work. Nothing can replace the joy your pets get when you are around. But there are times when we have to visit places where pets are not allowed. And the feeling of leaving them home alone is the worst.

Here are some tricks that can help you keep your pets calm and comfortable when they are home alone:

How can you help when your pets are home alone

Automatic Food Dispensers

Our pets are spoiled little babies. They don’t want to eat from a dish overloaded with food supply for the week. The younger ones don’t really know when to stop, and they can eat the week’s supply in one go and then fall sick. That’s where automatic food dispensers come in handy. You get them at most pet stores and they can be filled with food or water to help your pet take the regulated amount when it’s time. You can even try making one at home. With a food dispenser in place you can rest assured that your pet is getting the right amount of food even when you are not there.

Leave Their Favourite Snacks Hidden

It’s like a treasure hunt that will keep your pet busy for a long time and prepare him for a restful night. You can choose any dry snacks that your pet loves. Dogs love their chewy bones and cats love their kitty treats. You can even freeze some chicken stock or peanut butter and place it in a toy. These treats can be hidden so that the pet has to find them. But all the treats should be obtainable. Don’t hide them so well that your poor furry friend gets frustrated and ends up stressing himself.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are more useful for us, really. We can check for any abnormal activities, we can ensure that the pet is eating and is hydrated and out of any danger. If we see anything suspicious, we can get someone to check on them. If you go a step further, then you could invest in the cameras with speakers and an LCD monitor that can help you interact with your pet like you do with everyone else via mobile. Some clever devices in the market have added a treat dispensing machine to this to help you expel a treat from the device, each time you notice your pet needs it.

Herbal Supplements to Help Them Cope

It’s going to be really stressful to not see their human around. Younger pets, especially, don’t understand where you’ve disappeared off to and tend to get stressed out. It’s worse when there is just one pet in the house and he is all alone. Herbal supplements can help your pet cope with the stress and be calm. They help bring anxiety levels down and can be mixed with their regular food or water intakes. However, not all herbal supplements are healthy for your pet. petrapeuticsⓇ supplements are gluten and soy free, with no added artificial flavours or chemicals. They have been scientifically formulated to suit dogs and cats. They will help your pet be healthy and happy when they are home alone.

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Besides these four must-dos, there are some points which you should add to your checklist each time you leave your pet alone:

  1. Identify a neighbour to check on them if needed
  2. Request a friendly face to spend time with them when you’re not around
  3. Make sure you provide them access to take regular bathroom breaks when needed – if you don’t have a litter box in place or access to a garden, then you should get someone to walk your pet at those times everyday
  4. Prepare an emergency list and leave it with all the people who are going to be checking on your pet for you – the list should contain first aid information, any allergies that your pet might have and your vet’s contact details
  5. Start getting them used to being without you from before the actual date. Don’t give them the shock, all at once.

We hope this post helps you keep your pet friend comfortable when you are away. Do you have any other suggestions? Or do you have any interesting stories from your experience? We’d love to know. Please leave your comments in the box below.