How to celebrate Thanksgiving with our furry friends


It’s that time of the year again. Time to be thankful for every little joy and happiness that we receive. Thanksgiving is a time for family, and we can’t leave out our precious fur babies. As much as we are ready to dig into our turkey feast, we have to make sure that our dogs and cats can safely join in the festivities! Here are 4 safe ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving with your furry companion:

They will come begging, be prepared

When we spend too much time in the kitchen, our pets understand that it’s time to feast and turn into chowhounds and needy kitties. You need to be prepared to handle their begging by the dinner table.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Say no to table scraps, let your guests know your pet is well fed and the sorry looking face is just a ploy
  2. Leave some room in their tummy to adjust their eating schedules such that they can eat food when it’s time for your feast
  3. Cook them a special meal, something that you don’t usually serve them. Turkey is great as long as it is boneless, well-cooked and served in small portions.
  4. If you don’t find to cook for them, you can use some items from your thanksgiving menu as long as they follow this simple checklist. No onions, no garlic, no artificial sweeteners, no grapes, no alcohol and no chocolates. Mashed potatoes, green beans, turkey, macaroni and cheese are okay.

Thanksgiving cat arthiritis

Dress them up for the party

You’ve got your outfit planned and there are going to be pictures. Dress up your pet so that they also receive everyone’s attention. The last thing you want is for them to feel ignored. Let them join the fun by dressing them as a bunny or a turkey. You don’t really need to head to the store for this one. An easy DIY paper cut-out will do just fine.

Thanksgiving with dogs

Thanksgiving with cats separation anxiety 1 Thanksgiving with cats separation anxiety 1  Thanksgiving with dogs 2 separation anxiety 1

Take them along if you’re invited somewhere

The long weekend is going to be buzzing with activity. There will be noise and loud music. You don’t want to leave your pet home, left to be scared alone. If you’re invited for a Thanksgiving dinner then try to take your dog along. Make sure you have him leashed and take along his favorite toy and water dish. Make him feel comfortable in the guest’s place and if possible let him sit with you instead of being leashed to a corner.

Cats don’t enjoy moving around and would be more comfortable at home. But make sure you leave them a warm spot with everything they need made easily accessible. If loud noises or too much activity tends to stress out your pet then our herbal supplements can help.


Get them a new toy

A new toy will keep them busy and distracted. It will also make them feel rewarded for behaving during the special day. Toys help your pets get exercise to keep any effects of overeating at bay, and help them de-stress on a busy weekend.

There you go. 4 easy and safe ways of celebrating Thanksgiving with your cats and dogs. If you’re going to be watching the parade on TV, make sure you cuddle them well and make it a special thanksgiving for them. Keep following us for more fun ideas and pet parenting tips.