Do you think BB8 from Star wars is a lot like our faithful dogs?

star wars dog bb8 droid

Do you think R2D2 and BB8 are a lot like our furbabies? As RogueOne introduces a human-droid, we’ve done a little thinking and prepared a list of similarities between our dogs and the droids from the last movie.

Some people believe that R2D2’s personality was that of a precocious child, whereas BB8’s personality was that of a faithful dog. We agree. The new droid getting introduced in Rogue One is a human-droid and has similarities to C-3PO. But we would have loved him to have the qualities of R2D2 and BB8. Especially BB8!. Coz BB8 was like a little dog-droid. Cute, loyal and helpful. Always stealing the scene with his funny mechanisms. Here’s why we think so:

  1. He sticks to his master and follows his command. When BB8 faces the decision of leaving his master and hiding to save the map to Luke Skywalker, he insists on staying with his master. He has to be pushed to leave him for the call of duty. And once, the map is safe, he is back to searching for his master. Much like the faithful dog, Hachiko.
  2. He is protective of his master’s belongings. Do you remember when he sees Fin wearing his master’s jacket, BB8 is ready to run him down and declare him a thief? He doesn’t give up until he is convinced that Fin had not harmed his master for the jacket.
  3. He uses his weapons only when necessary. He is a good boy. Just like our dogs, who have sharp teeth that can puncture our skin, BB8 has a taser which can temporarily disable anyone. But just like our dogs who don’t use those sharp teeth unless asked to attack someone, BB8 also keeps his taser to himself.
  4. He rolls around like a soccer ball. And looks so cute while doing it. Much like our dogs who trot around in a cute gait with their ears bouncing, up and down.
    BB8 has a voice too. Like dogs in movies, BB8 also makes those tiny squeals and yaps to establish his feelings. The similarity between his voice and that of most dogs in the movies is uncanny.
  5. He loves good people. Like our dogs start wagging their tails when they sense good around them, all through, Star wars: The Force Awakens, BB8 also follows the good people. He finds Rey and sticks to her. Helps her when Darth Vader’s storm-trooper army and Kylo Ren are out to kill her. BB8 decides to help all the good people and do whatever it can to save them until his master turns up. Then, he simply follows his master.

bb8 and dog starwars BB8 pug dog starwars

So what do you think? Do you also think BB8 is really a dog in a droid’s body? Tell us here or in the comments on our Facebook page. Please add more similarities, if we have missed any.