8 Tips To Make Traveling With Pets Comfortable

Dog travelling in a car

Is it traveling time for you and your fur buddy? While you are busy making your plans and packing your bags, you’ll need to pay extra attention to that little guy wagging its tail in excitement. Here are eight tips that can help you make travelling with your pet easier:

1. Invest In A Reflective Jacket Or Collar

Our four-legged friends can get very excited in new places, and tend to overindulge when it comes to exploring and sniffing around. You have to be prepared to spot them from a distance even in the dark. Not only is it helpful for you, but it also helps other cars notice them clearly and drive safely in that area.

2. Get The Vet’s Thumbs Up

This goes without saying. No trip can be planned without your vet’s go ahead. Your vet will check for any abnormal developments and ensure that your pet has no infections or tick problems. If your pet is not 100% okay, your vacation will never be as great as you want it to be, as your fur friend will not be able to participate in all your cool plans.

3. Carry A First-Aid Kit

Just like you carry one for yourself, make sure you carry one for them too. Any medicine that has been given to them in the past should be included in this first aid kit, along with regular medicines and treatment for injury and sudden fever. Remember to pack any health supplements for regular use, too! All these preparations will help you be in control of any situation that may come along.

4. Get An Extendable Leash

When it’s vacay time you have to learn to be lenient. Let your buddy walk around and explore this new place, pick up new scents and enjoy the getaway. This won’t be possible on a tiny leash which will keep them confined to wherever you are. Get an extendable leash and let them do what they do best, make friends!

5. Make Frequent Stops

Don’t overdo the journey by pushing the accelerator and speeding across miles. You have a friend to entertain and look after. They’ve joined you on the trip to enjoy and not just cover the distance. Make frequent pit-stops to let them take their bathroom breaks or stretch their legs. A lot of pets are not so comfortable eating in a running car. You might have to stop to help them eat. Plan for a longer journey by keeping that kind of time in mind.

6. Keep Them Calm

If your pet has trouble handling new things or enjoying long rides, you shouldn’t stop them from experiencing what they can. Just be a little patient. Give them some extra TLC — like our natural supplements. These will help them calm down and spring up when it’s time to play in a holiday spot. Even cats can enjoy a small getaway when you have our supplements handy.

Our herbal supplements will help your pet be happy and healthy while traveling.

7. Start Experiencing The Outdoors Before Your Trip

Like every change, you have to take things slow, one at a time. If you expect your dog or your cat to take really well to a new travel adventure then you have to start preparing them in advance. Your pets are used to being in their comfy corners and meeting the same people. Try taking them out more often where they can meet new people. Take them for longer rides so that they get used to the feeling of being in motion for a longer period.

8. Avoid new foods

You might be loving those BBQ steaks, but if your dog hasn’t had them before, don’t choose the trip as the first time to give them a taste. If your cat hasn’t eaten that particular brand of kitty treats, don’t try them when traveling or in a new place. When traveling, stick to the usual. You never know what allergies your pet might have or if these new foods will be hard for them to digest.

With these eight tips, you and your pet are good to go on an adventure that will make great memories for life and get some amazing photographs for you to share with us on our social media. Hey, we’re excited too! Let’s hear those travel tales.