6 Easy DIY Pet Costumes For Halloween 2016


Hallow’s eve is here. Guess who’s most excited to join the fun? Our little Fidos and Miss Kitties love Halloween too and they want you to dress them up all cute and funny. So what’ve you decided? You can always head to the local store and find some popular costumes that your pet can wear really well. Or you can simply try these awesome DIY looks. We found pics of only dogs in costumes, but trust us, these 6 costumes can be worn by both. So get your cat and your dog Halloween ready with these easy ideas:

The Munchkins in The Pumpkin Latte

Starbucks pup

This one seems very popular this year. And it is especially great for little dogs and smaller kitties. Simply head to Starbucks and devour a giant coffee. Take home their paper cup, clean it dry and cut it carefully to attach ribbons or strings to it. Make your little fur boy or girl wear the cup and lid to have everyone awwwing this Halloween,

Day 16: They still don’t know I’m not a skunk.


This is really easy. All you need is white spray paint (make sure you buy the gentle one which is approved for use on pets). Paint a stripe on your black cat or dog and attach a white furry tail to make it look like a smelly skunk! Make sure while adding paint, you cover his ears, eyes and mouth to avoid even the slightest harmful effect.

I’m just Mr. Funny Bones.


Once again we make good use of the good ol’ white paint and some artsy painting skills. Make your cat or your dog look like an adorable skeleton with this easy idea. You can avoid painting the eyes because it may cause irritation since the paint will be on for long and you might not give them a batch immediately after the party.

Ride the Puppy


Just head to the dollar store and find a toy, preferably a Gi-joe or an action figure. Strap him to the back of your dog (we’ve got a feeling that cats won’t like this). Your pup will look like a giant horse. Ready and kicking!

Make something funny (and personal)


So this little guy is a poop factory, what will your dear cat or dog be? Think of something cool and have fun making your DIY craft, attach some ribbons to tie it up like a coat. Easy and comfortable, but very, very funny.

I’m ashamed to be a martini?


This is also very popular this year. Dogs or cats who are not well can also join the fun with this one. Or you can always make them wear the cone just for fun. It’s just for a few hours and they’ll love the attention. You can use rubber balls to look like green olives and attach the stick to the cone to avoid any poking.

Try these at home and share your pictures with us on our Facebook page. If you’re lucky, you might just win a free herbal supplement! Happy Halloween.