5 Summer Adventures With Your Dog, You Won’t Want To Miss!

Dog playing with sprinkler in the summer

Summer is here! It’s time to go outside – your dog will thank you for all the playtime in the sun. Here are five easy-to-do activities. No fancy gizmos required. Just you, your dog, and a whole lot of fun!

#1. Play fetch around the sprinkler

Your dog loves playing fetch, and you know that they’re always ready to play more. Your doggy friend may look with hopeful eyes, when he places a ball next to your feet, to coax you into throwing. But you might get bored of throwing the same ball again and again. So, what do you do? Here’s a simple tip to make the activity more fun. Play fetch around a sprinkler! If you have a backyard, that is just perfect. If not, then you can always take a bottle sprinkler to a neighbourhood park. How to make a bottle sprinkler, you ask?

  1. Take an empty cola bottle, a big one which holds 1.75 Litres or 2 Litres of pop. You can even take a big plastic can. The taller and bigger, the better.
  2. Remove the wrapper / sticker and clean the surface to make it glue-free, otherwise mud will just stick to it and make things dirty.
  3. Poke lots of tiny holes into it with a big needle or you can use a sharp nail. Make sure the holes are small because you won’t get a dense sprinkler otherwise.
  4. Fill the bottle with water, put the cap on and start playing, or connect the bottle to a water hose and tape them together, using a cloth or plumbing tape.

Is it even possible for your dog to love playing fetch any more? Well, add a sprinkler and find out!

#2. Floating toys in the swimming pool

Floating toys in the swimming pool

This one’s really simple, actually. When we say floating toys, we don’t mean you have to run to the pet store and buy something new. Try using a swimming tube or a floating bed! Did you know that most balls don’t sink? That’s right, they float! So you just have to throw his ball into the pool to get him in, or take him with you when you lie on a floating bed.

You can even use a smaller plastic cola bottle and fill it up with some scoops of frozen peanut butter. Your dog will be so interested in this new toy, he’d follow it anywhere!

#3. Get your dog a hammock in the sun

Get your dog a hammock in the sun

If your dog gets tired and needs to rest, you can still make most of the summer sun by getting him a hammock. If you don’t want to invest in a hammock for yourself, even a nice tough bed sheet will work for your dog. You can put it out in the backyard or in the park. Find two strong trees, fasten the sheet tight using tough ropes on both ends, make a swinging little seat for your dog and place him in it. Keep it a little low to avoid any injury from falling. Watch him enjoy the sun!

This summer activity is perfect for older dogs who tend to rest more. As dogs age, it’s important to keep their joints in check. If your dog is becoming less and less active – it may be a joint issue. Make sure to read up on on the symptoms and take the necessary steps to stave away mobility issues.

#4. Go camping overnight

Go camping overnight

Summer is here and camping is something you must be really looking forward to. But if you are too stressed about leaving your dog alone, you can take him with you! Camping overnight is not really a road trip, but just a night out of your house in the lap of nature. It’s the perfect getaway for your dog.

Here are 5 things to remember when you go camping with your dog:

  1. Pick a camping site that has no wild animals around
  2. Keep water accessible at all times
  3. Make him wear a reflective jacket or collar
  4. Get an extendable leash to help him explore
  5. Serve him the usual food to avoid any digestion problems

If you’re taking your dog out on an extended road trip, you should read about our natural dog anxiety supplements to help keep him relaxed while on the road.

#5. Treasure Hunt in the park

dog treasure hunt

Oh, he’s going to love this one. We can see that tiny tail wagging already.

Here’s how to plan a treasure hunt with your dog in the park:

  1. Pick any 5 toys your dog plays with. You can even use a personal belonging of his like a sweater or an extra collar.
  2. Take the toys to a park which your dog is familiar with. It will make it easier for him to catch scents in a familiar place.
  3. Pick a small area, not very wide. It could be like a 1000 square feet area within the park – you don’t want you and your dog to bother everyone else!
  4. Hide the toys in different places. Don’t bury them because then there will be digging and it’s a public are. Just place them so that they are well hidden. Like on a lower branch of a tree, behind a bin, in a plant bed or maybe just place it on the ground and under a towel.
  5. Leave a friend behind to guard the toys from other dogs who are also probably out there having their summer fun.
  6. Get your dog to the park on an extendable leash. From our experience, we know that dogs get really excited when they play this game.
  7. Let your dog explore. And watch him go through his summer treasure hunt ! Make sure you take along some treats to reward him each time he finds his  toys.

Dogs love summer and they love the sun. But they do get sunburnt. So don’t spend too much time in the sun, keep getting some shade to cool off every now and then. We hope you enjoy helping your fur buddy get some summer fun. Do share your ideas and experiences with us! Drop us a comment on Facebook, or give us a follow on Instagram!