5 Reasons Why Natural Supplements Are Good For Your Pet

Why herbal pet supplements are better

Dietary supplements found in the pet store are very tempting. You can literally find the solution to the exact problem your cat or dog is facing. But have you ever questioned the source of those supplements? Are those chemicals going to have negative side-effects? Will they do more harm than good? What if the dosage is too strong for your pet’s breed?

In such a situation, herbal supplements are your best bet. Here’s why:

1. No manufactured chemicals.

You know what they say – Mother Nature knows best. When you pick a natural supplement, you’re choosing an option that is rigorously tested by scientists, with ingredients that have stood the test of time. You don’t have to worry about manufactured chemicals that might have negative long-term effects since nature has provided its own medicine cabinet for our use!

2. Formulated for your pet’s digestive system

Cats and dogs each have their own dietary needs. Soy, gluten, corn, wheat and such other ingredients can be troublesome for them. A lot of chemical supplements don’t take this into account. Whereas, natural supplements like those of petrapeutics® take your best friend’s digestive system into account and are scientifically formulated to suit them, designed separately for cats and dogs.

3. A well-balanced formula

Cats and dogs may require special needs due to aging or prolonged stress. They need some fibre, some hydration and some vitamins. Basically, a well-balanced formula which is carefully formulated to avoid any excess of any particular nutrient.

4. No surprising side-effects

If you choose herbal you can rest assured that you won’t find any shocking side-effects. We chose to make herbal supplements because of this very reason. Horrific tales of side effects from chemical supplements lead us to make an herbal solution to our dear pets. They work with the system of your pets without causing any harm.

5. Cats and dogs respond better to nature

Cats lick themselves clean to undo any physical injury. Dogs take to eating grass to throw up any harmful substance they have eaten. They have a way with nature. And herbal supplements fall in place with their natural ways, unlike chemical substances which can disrupt their body’s natural abilities to recover.

If you’re wondering what are the situations that your pet might need a supplement in, then we have it all neatly explained here. Natural is the way to be when it comes to our dear pets. When it’s time for supplements, choose love and choose nature with petrapeutics®. You can find some great tips here to help your furry friend be happy and healthy. Sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of all pet health stories and offer updates.