5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Pet

Our pets teach us so much! And these lessons are beautiful.

#1. Go outside

Take a break, unwind and be active. If you have a four-legged roommate you know you don’t need an alarm clock. Animals naturally know it’s time to wake up, when the first rays of the sun come out – their body just knows. And that’s what they teach us, to wake up with the sun. Go outside. Play, play, play.

#2. Follow the clock

Well, they are training to keep us running after them, aren’t they? They need to be able to tell us when it’s time for food or when it’s time to call it a day and move to the bedroom. Routine, that’s what. And if you watch pet movies, you know about the tummy clock. It tells our pets when it’s time for what. Our pets teach us how to divide our time between work, rest and play and throw in alerts and notifications for every activity. Follow them and you’ll lead a more organized life, too!

#3. Sleep peacefully

Our pets never overwork themselves. They always know when to stop. And when they sleep, they sleep like they have no unresolved matter in the world. If they’ve forgotten where they buried that bone you gave them or if they are worried you’ll discover the bottle caps they have been hoarding, they will still sleep. Unless it’s a matter of serious stress or anxiety or if they are guarding you from danger, our pets always sleep like they are smiling inside. Learn to sleep like that. Because whatever it is that will happen tomorrow, will happen even if you stay awake worrying about it. So just sleep. And face it the next day with a wagging tail or a cute purring noise.

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#4. Find the natural way out

If they have over-eaten, they graze on some grass and throw it all up. Or if they have injured their foot, they lick all the bad out of it. They don’t turn to using chemicals or getting injections. They teach you to stay close to nature, and find natural solutions to any problems. So the next time, when you have an upset tummy, avoid any digestive pill and just drink enough water to cleanse yourself. Or when you have high blood pressure, just take longer walks with your furry companion. That’s the natural way out. Learn.

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#5. Always choose love

We all watch touching videos on Youtube of pets reuniting with their pet parents, sometimes over hundreds of miles, or long periods of months, or even years. They never give up. They always choose love. Our pets don’t judge us for our clothes or how we failed at work or if we forgot to give them food one night, they still love us, unconditionally. And that’s really the biggest lesson they teach us – to choose love.

There are many more things that we can learn from our pets – like how to laugh at yourself, or how to get your way with everything or how to feel excited about the same ball and toy every day or how to welcome someone indoors even when he’s just been gone for five minutes…we can go on. Why don’t you share some lessons you’ve learnt from your pet and experience the same joy? Share them with us using the comment box below! Let’s purr it all out! Love is a choice.