5 ideas to pet-proof your Christmas (for pet parents with extra curious cats and dogs)


How to welcome Santa to a house with pets – 5 pet-proofing ideas for helpless pet parents

Your mischievous pets will want to bring down everything shiny and claim their conquest on the beautiful North Pole you have recreated in your house. They want to tear open Christmas presents, even the ones that don’t belong to them. They want to fiddle with the Christmas lights and then wear them like ornaments. They want to do everything that their tiny paws can to send Santa back to the sleigh and possibly eat his cookies and milk too!

So here’s how you can dial down the holiday craziness. You may notice slight signs of frustration in the content that follows. Please understand that it is nothing but humour and as far as possible, please restrain yourself from trying these at home. Just read and pent out all your frustration, enjoy a wicked laugh.

How to pet proof your Christmas decorations?

Pay the mailman to guard your tree

If there’s one person on the planet that they do not wag their tails to, it is the mailman. Dogs share an unexplainable bond with them which transforms them into little four-legged Batmans who are out to save their family from the Joker, in this case, the mailman. So just pull out some bucks from your Christmas budget and get the mailman to guard your decorations. Your dog will suddenly have bigger things to pay attention to. And the Christmas tree won’t be one of them.

mailman dog christmas

Distract them with food

The people at Temptations treats totally get us. Keep them busy with food. Whip their favourite snacks (healthy ones, of course) and keep them busy trying to find them around the house. Let them use their noses to do some treasure hunting instead of Christmas destruction. Well, this point is actually legit.

Shrink wrap the cat

A standard tree stand will not work if you’ve got a sufficiently motivated cat. But why cat proof the Christmas tree when you can Christmas proof the cat. That’s right. Put those bundles of fur somewhere away from the tree and let them know how the poor Christmas tree feels when it is wrapped up to be saved from being crawled upon and pulled down.


*no cats were harmed during the making of this article 😉

Get a remote controlled car to attack them every time they come close

You heard that right. You know they hate those cars and those motorized rats that sneak up to them in all the wrong places. Get some of them and keep the remote with you. Whenever you see your pets approaching the tree, unleash the furious toys at them. Wish some toy maker could come up with such cars that can automatically sense the pet’s movement. Santa? Are you listening?


Take the Christmas tree out on a walk

Reverse psychology works wonders they all say. Let’s try it these holidays. Take the Christmas tree out for a walk and leave the pets behind. Let them know how attached you are to the Christmas plant and you have full intentions to snuggle up with it while feeding it treats. A little jealousy is always positive. They’ll soon try to befriend the tree themselves.

christmas with dog

Now that you have understood how we intend to cat and dog proof our Christmas, please ditch all these suggestions and simply enjoy the holiday season with your pets. Because we were just kidding! Let them have fun, fool around like goofballs and bring decorations down, while you keep putting them back together. All said and done, that’s how memories are made. And we’re sure, Santa won’t mind.

Let them enjoy the season to the fullest. If old age or any stressful situation is troubling them, then keep our herbs handy. Christmas is no fun with aching joints or stressed heart.

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On a serious note, we are often asked how to make sure your Christmas decorations are safe for your pet.

How do you pet proof your Christmas tree? How to really pet proof your Christmas decorations?

First of all, don’t get a live tree indoors. If it’s a live tree you desire, leave it outside for nature to enjoy and decorate it for everyone to experience. If you bring it indoors then you’ll have to add chemicals to keep it looking fresh, and those chemicals aren’t safe for your furry friends. They will try to chew on the live tree, pull its branches down and unknowingly take in the chemicals.

The best option is to get a fake Christmas tree, using lights that are tightly plugged and clipped, to avoid any risk of them heating up or breaking into open wires. You want to avoid the scenario where your pet may bring the whole thing crashing down, but at the same time you gotta be prepared.

The biggest safety precaution for Christmas for cats and dogs is to keep chocolates and holiday treats away from them. They should definitely have something to make merry with, but that should not be your table scraps or Santa’s Christmas cookies. Stick to their regular diet and make them special Christmas snacks every now and then. (List of common people foods that should not be fed to dogs and cats)

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