5 DIY Frozen Treats For Your Pet

Frozen DIY treats for cats and dogs

We often alter our regular menus to include options that keep us cool. We might ditch the latte and the soup to make way for smoothies and yogurts. If you don’t want your pets staring at you with that innocent face as you gobble up your human treats, here are some you can make for them. Don’t offer them what’s on your plate. It can be unhealthy. They have their own summer menu. Try to prepare these healthy icy treats for your cat or your dog.

Here are 5 easy-to-make frozen treats your pet will love.

  1. Frozen yogurt

Zero efforts required. You just need to purchase the usual yogurt from the store and fill the ice tray with it. You can try different flavours too as long as you know your pet will like them. We’ve heard of cats not liking strawberries much. Yogurt is digestive and healthy for everyone, humans and pets alike. However, for older dogs, dairy products can lead to flatulence. Thus, you should dilute the yogurt by mixing some water before freezing.

  1. Cheese chunks

Can you imagine any pet every say no to cheese? Dogs and cats love cheese alike.You can take chunks of cheese and freeze them directly or you can add little broth or water to bind the ice treats if you wish to.

  1. Baby food

Most of the baby food flavours are a big hit with the cats and the dogs. Try to avoid the ones with any veggies, especially onion is  big no-no. The rest of them are great and pets can have a good time slurping them.

  1. Tuna

Tuna is a favourite with cats but some dogs find it great too. And it is just as healthy for both of them. Rich in protein and Omega-3 acids, Tuna can be frozen in ice trays and offered to our pets in-between meals.

  1. Frozen egg

Beat the egg, both the white and the yellow portions and even the shell. Beat until they become smooth. Freeze the beaten mixture in an ice tray. Remember only one of these should be given in a day to keep their metabolism and body temperatures stable.

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Treats Recipe: Courtesy Sarah Rae Smith