3 Unique Stories Of Pets Rescuing Their Humans

3 unique stories of pets rescuing humans

Our pets definitely rescue us from the danger of overeating because they are perpetually sitting there when we eat, making it difficult for us finish what’s on the plate, alone. Well, jokes apart, cats and dogs are family and they have it in them to rescue each other. Biologically they are motherly creatures who want to help and care. Which is why the usual stories don’t surprise us. But these 3 are really unique and that’s why they made it to this list.

The homeless cat who kept an abandoned baby warm enough to survive

This is the story of Masha, a homeless cat who lived outside some suburban apartments in Obninsk, Russia and was routinely fed and taken care of by the neighbourhood. She didn’t really belong to anyone but she was loved by everyone. A 12-week old infant was left abandoned next to the box the cat lived in. When Masha discovered the baby, she kept the baby warm by cuddling it, through the cold night. She kept meowing and crying until some of the neighbours noticed and alerted the police. The baby was rushed to the hospital and Masha, the neighbours reported, even ran after the ambulance. She was so concerned about the little baby’s health. Masha was rewarded with lots of love and cat treats by everyone around. Families volunteered to give her a home, but it seemed Masha was happy being available to everyone. Just like a Superhero.

The homeless cat who kept an abandoned baby warm enough to survive
Masha and the baby she rescued

The blind woman’s dog who called 911 when there was a fire

Meet Yolanda. A service dog who lives with her blind mommy, Maria Colon in Philadelphia. One night, Maria woke up in her sleep choking due to smoke. She shouted the word “danger” to her service dog, a golden Labrador. Yolanda had been trained to step in and call for help by dialing 911 on a specialized phone. “I hear the phone — tke, tke, tke. And she’s growling. And I said, ‘Oh my lord, she called the police,'” Colon recalled.

The blind woman’s dog who called 911 when there was a fire
Yolanda, the dog who called 911

Firefighters responded to the call and the fire was controlled. Maria was rushed to the hospital and Yolanda was rushed to the vets. The two were reunited after two days. Yolanda is said to have alerted 911 once before too when Maria had fallen unconscious on the stairs. Wow, she never fails her duty. And she loves her mommy so much.

The hero dog who didn’t give up when she saw his two-year-old owner floating in the pool

In New South Wales, Australia, when a young Bull Terrier, Leala noticed her two-year-old owner, Alexander floating in a rural pond, she dived in to save him. But she was unable to drag him out. All wet and sloppy, she ran inside to alert the family and somehow managed to get them to the pond. Alexander had lost consciousness and had become numb. When the doctors came in they were already convinced he won’t make it. But within 48 hours, Alexander made a startling recovery. They say it’s because of the immediate CPR that the family was able to give him because Leala alerted them in time. Leala is Alexander’s dog and she proved how much she loved him. She not only had a plan A but she also had a plan B.

The hero dog who didn't give up when she saw his two year old owner floating in the pool
Leala didn’t give up on her little owner

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