Your purpose to your dog

3 gifts you must give your dog

Pick up a pen and paper and try to jot down the wonderful things your dog does for you. Wake you up in the morning with slobbery kisses? Check. Take you out for a healthy morning walk? Check. Help you make new friends in the neighbourhood? Check. Bring a smile on your face as soon as you enter your house, even if it’s after just 5 minutes? Check. But this article is not about this because this list will never end. This article is about appreciating your best friend who’s always there to make you happy. What can you do to make your dog feel wonderful? What is your purpose to your dog? Something out of the blue? Return the favour, mate.

Here’s what:

Get them company, don’t leave them alone

Dont keep your dog waiting

Dogs are social animals. They love company. They have always lived in packs and not with one companion alone. It’s true that they will always be by your side. But that does not mean that they don’t need anyone else. Being alone can lead to depression in dogs. Try hiding cameras inside your house and observing your dog’s behaviour when it’s alone. You will be saddened to see how lonely your dog can get. What’s the solution? Get them company. Maybe another dog, maybe a cat. Or a friend who works from home. This is clearly the most wonderful thing you can do for your dog and you will notice how happier your lives will be.

Even when you are meeting your friends or family, get them over to your place. Dogs are friendly little souls and they might take time behaving the way you want them to, but they will surely entertain and charm your guests like none other. They love being the center of everyone’s attention. Give them the chance as often as possible.

If you still have to leave them alone, make sure that they are not stressed or under anxiety. Do what you can to make the time alone comfortable. Here are some tips. Including some natural calming herbs like ours in their food and water dosage also helps.

Let your female dog experience Mommyhood at least once

Let your dog experience mommyhood

We are all about keeping our dogs neutered. But if you own a female dog, it’s her natural instinct to be a mother. She needs to experience having pups and raising them until they find new homes. It is even better if you can keep a track of where the puppies go and keep arranging meetings until your girl seems less excited about them. She’ll find a way of letting you know when it’s okay to move on. But it’s your responsibility to give her a chance.

Find them a godparent

Find god parents for your dog

We hear these stories all the time. Urban single men and women living in busy cities find companionship in dogs. But then things change as they get busier. They might move or if they are old they might end up with some medical trouble. Their little pet is going to be all alone and lost. Plans are made to be prepared for the worst otherwise, what’s the need of a plan really? If you fall sick and need ten days in the hospital or if you have to move cities for a period too short to take your dog along but long enough to make it difficult for him to live alone, he will need someone to take care of him. That’s when the godparent steps in.

It can be your dog-friendly friend or someone your dog is comfortable with. Keep arranging dates for your dog and them so that they know each other and in times of need, they don’t have to start afresh. Make sure you tell the godparent(s) that you trust them to take care of your dog in your absence and hand over a list of contacts, allergies and routine charts to them, just in case.

Be there for your dog when old age starts to trouble

old dog hip and joint supplement

Old age troubles humans and dogs alike. Vision and hearing reduce. Joints ache and energy drops. But dogs don’t let that come in their way. They will still want to hop around like a bunny, play with you and go for long walks. They will push themselves to all extremes while deeply in pain due to their old joints. Make sure you do everything you can to keep your dog warm and comfortable when it gets old. It might mean changing the diet, altering the routine to include more rest and less play and it might even mean getting some external help like natural supplements. Don’t give up on them. They are still puppies inside and your purpose is to keep them comfortable always.

We know these are simple things but you should do them now if you really want to be a great dog parent. You want the best for your best friend on four legs. And so do we. Love is a choice, isn’t it?

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