10 Pets Who Totally Rule Their Celebrity Mommies And Daddies

Celebrities and their pets

Whatever can tell us that they are actually normal people and do normal things like us is a super interesting read for us. And when you add their cute little pets to their glamorous lives, these celebrities become even more adorable. petrapeutics® can’t stop aww-ing over these 11 cute pooches and kitties and their celebrity mommies and daddies.

1. Selena and Baylor

Selena Gomez and her dog Baylor

Selena and Justin adopted Baylor together, but this rescue pooch is now Selena’s baby. A 6th one added to her family of rescue pups.

2. Justin and Esther

Justin and his dog esther

So Justin moved on and adopted a new dog, a Maltipoo named Esther. And he is dressed up in the coolest outfits when he accompanies his dad on tours all over the world.

3. Katy’s kittens


Katy Perry is a self-proclaimed cat lady and the fact that she captioned this picture ‘ Heaven is a place on earth’ says it all.

4. Jennifer Anniston and Sophie


We know about Jennifer Anniston’s love for her dogs because when her best-friend Roger passed away, she got his name tattooed. She has a rescue german shepherd Dolly and together with Justin Theroux, she has added another rescue pup to her family named Sophie.

5. George Clooney and Einstein

Clooney and his dog einstein

Clooney came across Einstein online and rescued him from a history of ill-treatment and abuse.

6. Amanda Seyfried and Finn

Amanda seyfried and her dog finn

They are the cutest celebrity mommy and pet couple and twitter and Instagram is in love with them.

7. Miley Cyrus and Barbie

miley cyrus and barbie

Miley Cyrus clearly can’t get enough pets and if she falls in love with one, she makes it family. The new addition to her family of 4 dogs and 2 cats is this cute beagle, Barnie.

8. Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield and Ren

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield and Ren

Stone already had a dog when she decided to foster Ren with her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield but eventually fell in love with her.

9. Ryan Reynolds and Baxter


Reynolds was looking for a dog for his friend when he fell for Baxter and just had to take him home, himself.

10. Zooey Deschanel and Dot and Zelda


Zooey fell in love with Dot but when she found she had a sister, Zeida, she couldn’t separate the siblings and took her in as well.

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