10 Common Pet Problems petrapeutics® Can Help You With

10 common situations faced by pet parents

Pet parents often face situations that force them to give up their pet to the local shelter. Some pet owners even abandon their pets in less frequented places. In such situations, petrapeutics® can help you accustom your pet to the change ahead. You don’t need to give up on it. You just need to give it more time to adjust.

At petrapeutics®, we don’t want to miss out on any chance to make your pets healthier and happier. In this article, we are sharing 10 common situations that pet parents face. They can be related to stress, anxiety, old age or arthritis in pets (cats or dogs). These are the times when we come to the rescue! So get reading and learn how we can help your little friend. Please don’t even think about giving up on your furry friend.

1. When a baby is on its way

When a new baby is about to join your family, your pet is going to be confused and stressed. He won’t know why this funny smelling bundle is getting all the attention. That’s when you’ll need to help your pet calm down and help him or her make friends. Our supplements help reduce anxiety and calm pets. When you introduce a calm pet to a baby, you’ll experience the start of a beautiful new relationship.

2. When stairs have become their enemies

Is your dog trying to avoid the stairs? Is your cat trying to avoid playing? These are signs of old age and joint pain. You can help your pet cope with mobility issues and that’s where our supplements come in. Our joint pain supplements are scientifically formulated and made out of herbs to best suit your pet and help him endure these rough times.

3. When you are getting another pet

There is always a method to introducing a new pet to your current one. Especially if it’s a cat and a dog relationship. Besides other things that you need to do to start this relationship on the right foot, you should help your old pet de-stress and feel secure by adding our stress-relief supplements to his daily food or water intake. This way, he will not be so agitated and will make it easier for you to introduce the new pet to the family.

4. When you notice slight limping

Cats are proud creatures and masters of hiding any discomfort. They will try to hide their joint pain to their best abilities. But if you notice slight limping, that comes and goes, it could be arthritis acting up. Even with dogs, it may not persist at all times, but there will be moments when you will see your dog limping or finding it difficult to land from that jump off the bed. Our joint pain supplements can make it easier for your pet to cope with these symptoms of arthritis.

5. When you are going to be away

Your pets will be restless when you are not around. This is called separation anxiety. They might even give up eating and invite serious health problems. Our stress and anxiety supplements can help them endure the time apart and remain healthy and happy as they wait for you to return.

6. When you are not being followed around anymore

If you have pets, you are used to having a pair of innocent eyes always looking at you wherever you go. They’ll follow you to the kitchen and won’t even leave you alone in the bathroom. They want to stick with you every single second. That’s exactly why it’s shocking to see them not do that anymore – It’s old age catching up. They have mobility issues and can’t be following you like your shadow all the time. They will need our joint pain supplements to help cope with and get back on their four little feet to follow you to the moon and back.

7. When you are going to be travelling with your pet

When you are travelling with your pet, in your car or the train or especially if they are going to be flying with you, they are going to be really restless and lost. They wouldn’t understand where they are heading to and hundreds of questions will be popping in their tiny heads about what’s happening. That’s when our stress relief supplements can help bring some peace and help them relax so that they are able to endure and enjoy the journey you have planned with them.

8. When your pet whines for no apparent reason

If you know your pet like your baby, you’ll know what every tiny whimper means. When it means ‘i’m hungry’ or when it means ‘I need a bathroom break. But there will be times when your pet will be whimpering and crying for no apparent reason and you will be wondering what’s wrong. Most of the time, it is age-related and your pet could be in pain due to the joint-aches. petrapeuticsⓇ herbal supplements for joint pain can help your pet cope with problems of old age.

9. When you are moving houses

Just like you, your pet is also a little intimidated by new neighbourhoods. Your pet will take time to find his comfy corner again and figure out all the new scents the new place is offering him. During this time, he can even get lost trying to trace his way back to the original place. You have to be extra careful. Besides other things, petrapeuticsⓇ supplements for stress relief will help keep your pet put and cope with the change. When he is ready, he will enjoy his new home to the fullest.

10. When they don’t want to be picked up

Is this even possible? Can your pet ever say no to cuddling in your lap or swinging in your arms? They will say no only when it is hurting them. When their limbs have become weaker, any pushing or pulling brings them pain, joint pain.

There you go. We hope this list helps! Remember, love is the choice you make when you decide to help your pet – with stress, mobility issues, or otherwise. And love is the choice we made when we made petrapeutics®.